Monday, September 26, 2011

Technology and Education - How Schooling Has Been Affected by New Technology

Education has been changing as quickly technology is advancing. The educational systems all over the world are going through transformation due to the advancing world in order to meet the needs of the economic and development improvement.

Technology has affected the way students are taught and schools are managed. This has been affected by invention of the printing press, radio, and television. The common and most used technology in the learning and management of schools and education systems is obviously the computer. This has given students unbound access to information that is transformed into knowledge. They are capable of doing research and learn about wide fields in their curriculum without having to rely on the teachers for the brain work.

In addition to this, technologies can be used in classrooms to perpetuate the old models of learning. They can also be used by the teachers to have a variety of teaching aids through the formulation of colorful and mind stimulating approaches. This increases the student concentration and appreciation of learning and knowledge. The computers can also be used to stimulate and encourage the students to learn and develop writing and research skills that make them develop better education approaches.

Their has also improved the socialization of students and sharing of information across schools and among students from other parts of the globe. It also helps in making the solution of complex kind of problems easy. For example the computer and calculators make sit easy for the students to find solutions to the mathematical, scientific and research queries that they might have otherwise found difficult to solve.

The use of computers in schools provide the students with self paced learning process that helps the students get the best from the personal knowledge they acquire from the assistance of technology. The use of advanced technology requires the integration of the computers and other types of technologies to suit the curriculum. This means the teachers should also monitor the students knowledge acquisition to ensure they are at the recommended pace. This is because the students still need guidance and when this lacks there are possibilities of having the negative impacts of technology setting in.

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